The King of comedy(1982) – Scorsese’s forgotten masterpiece…

Nobody knows Rupert Pupkin, but after 11:30 tonight no one will ever forget him.

Rupert Pupkin(Robert De Niro), an aspiring comedian star, spends his life preparing shows that he dreams of being able to interpret, sooner or later, in the television. One day he manages to get into his idol’s car, Jarry Langford. Pupkin asks him to give him a part in his show. Langford, to get rid of barnacle, invites him to call to his office.

However, Langford liquidates Pupkin. His next attempts to get back in touch with the star turn out to be a failure. After his next humiliating disillusionment, Rupert changes tactics.

What is Pupkin able to do to achive his goal? The only thing I can reveal is that he will cooperate with Masha – another Jerry’s “fan”, a bit unbalanced…

Secretary: Is Mr. Langford expecting you?

Pupkin: Yes, I don’t think he is.


What eats Gilbert Grape(1993)

After his father’s suicide, it’s Gilbert’s(Johnny Depp) turn to take care of his family: obese mother Bonnie(Darlene Cates) depressed and unable to live who developed a compulsive obsession for leisure, food and smoke and nearly eighteen brother Arnie(Leonardo DiCaprio) who suffers from mental retardation.

Than there is also the house which is another burden. Although partly supported by the sisters, Gilbert has to face with really difficult situation.

Gilbert has a relationship with a mature woman. However, it is the encounter with Becky(Juliette Levis), the new one in town, which brings the oxigen into his life…

Tell me what you want as fast as it comes to you.

I wanna be a good person.

Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont

In 1975, just graduated doctor from Kinshasa, Seyolo Zantoko (Marc Zinga), gets the opportunity to practice in a small French village, near Paris. He decides to take the chance and to move to Marly-Gomont. After Seyolo and his family arrived, things become more difficult. They immediately realize that people are afraid of them. They have never seen the Africans in their life before.

However, Seyolo is determined to succeed and he tries to win the trust of the villagers. He faces hard work ahead that requires a lot of patience.

Interesting approach to a problem, presented as a comedy. The movie based on true story.


Mar adentro(Alejandro Amenábar,2004). The Sea Inside…

Let’s stop by Javier Bardem, Spanish award-winning actor. This time he plays completely different part…

Ramón(Javier Badem) has remained bedridden for thirty years, cared for by his family. The window of his room is the only window to the world, to the view of the sea that he has sailed so often – that sea in which he had the accident that severed his youth. Since then, his only desire is to put an end to his life in a dignified manner.

One of the most controversial images concerning euthanasia. Touching movie with amazing photos, very difficult controversial topic and great leading role.


Biutiful(2010, Alejandro González Iñárritu)

Look in my eyes. Look at my face. Remember me, please. Don’t forget me, Ana. Don’t forget me, my love, please.

Let me talk about something totally different. It is about life and death, love and disease, hope and despair. The drama concerns a single person, a father who is diagnosed with cancer.

Uxbal(Javier Bardem) has little time and still many things to do. His two children have a mother with serious mental problems, it isn’t better at work – everything is illegal. He is a mediator between a group of Chinese who produce fake bags and Catalan underworld. With little money that are not sufficient to live in dignity, he lives in terrible conditions and the situation seems not to be better…

Very difficult subject of the movie, presented in a depressing and brutal way. Excellent leading role!


Everybody just pretend to be normal…

A real loser is someone who’s so afraid of not winning he doesn’t even try.

Little Olive dreams of winning the title of “Little Miss Sunshine”. Her weird relatives want to fulfill her desire – for this reason her dad Richard, mum Sheryl, uncle Frank(who recently tried to commit suicide), the addict grandpa and brother Dwayne(who has taken a vow of silence) decide to embark on a journey together.

They will thus be able to experience a true family adventure and consolidate(perhaps) wobbly relations.

“Little Miss Sunshine” – great comedy, full of humor, brilliant dialogues and very successful acting. Perfect movie for a long winter evening…

Kamchatka (2002, directed by Marcelo Piñeyro)

Harry is a quiet ten-year-old boy: he goes to school, loves board games, likes watching TV and the magician Houdini is his idol. His father is a lawyer, his mother is a professor at the university, while his younger brother is his playmate.

But the world Harry lives in is not normal. In 1976 in Argentina the dictatorship comes to power and thousands of citizens are imprisoned and tortured.

Harry’s parents have to run away. They take their children from school and leave the city to hide in the countryside. The two boys are not happy with the new life: they left their home, friends, school, toys, everyday habits. However they discover gradually the benefits of this new and strange existance. They explore their country, they know strange and mysterious characters, such as Lucas.

But the militaries are on the trial od Henry’s parents, who take a painful but necessary decision…